Artist Spotlight: Eekkoo


Artist Spotlight: Eekkoo

It is really about time I posted about this guy. Eekkoo, Jonathan Doyon, is a Canadian producer who has made it onto Joel Zimmerman‘s Mau5trap records. I have been listening to many of this guy’s releases for a while now, all kicking off with his track ‘Kung!‘ and I have been completely blown away by everything i have heard since.

Previous to Eekkoo, I had never heard sounds quite like his before. Occasionally, there is a definite element of Deadmau5’s influence featured in Eekkoo‘s production (which is more than welcome) but other than those brief moments, there is nothing I can compare his music to.

I look forward to more quirky, unique sounds from this guy in the future, but for now give him a listen and see what I mean for yourself, below is one of his latest tunes ‘Kodes’ which I enjoyed heavily.

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