Arno Cost Releases Impressive EP on Protocol


Arno Cost Releases Impressive EP on Protocol

No stranger to Daily Beat by now, Parisian producer Arno Cost is back with a new sound on his first EP, “Coming Alive“. The EP will be released on Nicky Romero’s label Protocol Recordings and also serves as the first EP consisting of more than one track for the label. Another first is the fact that the EP is Protocol‘s first attempt at a House release as they take on a new path musically as well. Over the past year we here at Daily Beat have followed and covered Arno Cost extensively and is truly a wonder to see how he has developed. The gamble on Arno Cost by Protocol will only further his career and development as this year goes on. This undergoing is a step a new direction for both the label and Arno himself. With River lending a hand vocally, “Coming Home” represents Arno’s growth and progressiveness. The two-track EP is a voyage of discovery and learning as he experiments with stricter House and Progressive House styles. Arno Cost is definitely “Coming Alive” right before our eyes and the future looks just as enticing and promising. The EP is available now on Beatport right here.

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