Arin Tone & John Christian Take Us to the “House of God”


Arin Tone & John Christian Take Us to the “House of God”

Freeway Recordings label head John Christian and Arin Tone have transcended into the heavens with their latest project, “House of God“. The original “House of God” by DHS references notorious TV preachers ministers being brought to justice for fraud and stealing. These two Freeway pals have been banging out tracks left and right as of late and their work ethic is one of the hardest and consistent today. By fusing Techno and Bigroom in a hybrid of festival vibes and structures, John and Arin display an open mind and obvious views in common when working together. The theme of hybrid productions and styles seems to grow more evident each month this year. Now it seems John and Arin are laying a solid foundation for the rest of the year to come. After releasing “Infinity” with John and then “Western”, “Transmission” and “Hanging Tree”, Arin Tone has found his sound and will look to continue to build on that foundation as the year blossoms into spring.


Arin Tone


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