Anabel Englund: Singer, Songwriter, Femme Fatale


Anabel Englund: Singer, Songwriter, Femme Fatale

It’s Friday the 13th in New York City and a rare, full ‘Honey Moon’ glazes above Output’s rooftop. A coincidence this sweet and sinister makes the perfect night for a performance by the mystifying Anabel Englund. Her Brooklyn debut alongside Hot Natured band mate and recurring collaborator Lee Foss has Output teeming with fans and admirers. I try and make my rounds on the dance floor as Anabel performs Reverse Skydiving – her biggest hit to date – but the avid swarm of fans singing along to each verse limits mobility and permits just a glimpse of her legs in the air. Bummer? No. The circumstance only elevates her mystique; a necessary fuel, driving my curiosity for our interview the following monday.

We turn the Rox gallery into our living room for the day; it’s avant-garde pieces and installations a compliment to the young belle’s likeness. A photo shoot follows the interview and it becomes apparent that Anabel is truly in her element whether on stage or in front of a camera. Anabel picks out a crown made of razor blades off a mannequin, fittingly places it atop her head and proceeds to pose with a natural comfort and ease that resonates in the photos below.

At such a young age she seems to have already mastered her modus operandi: a mystery in her manner, which has her fans pining for more, yet a substance in her art that satiates till her next song is laid upon her listeners. 2014 delivers quite a full plate for Anabel Englund; with a new album in the works, her super group formation with MK and Lee Foss as Pleasure State, and touring dates with Foss throughout the remainder of the year, fans will have plenty of Anabel to indulge in.

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