An Ode to Okeechobee Music Festival


An Ode to Okeechobee Music Festival

Hey Okee!

It has been a couple of weeks and I’m still feeling nostalgic. Can we rewind time? Back to the trees swaying and the music bumping? The beautiful Florida weather? Tequila shots at Aquachobee and tea at Yogachobee?

Is it weird to say that I almost feel… reborn? It was almost a breath of fresh air in the festival world. And this stems from a couple of things…

  1. Constantly cleaned and stocked Port-O-Potties. Not kidding.
  2. Getting in was a breeze and every camping area was equally as great in location.
  3. A beautiful venue coupled with even more beautiful people… Workers and attendees alike.
  4. Great music for every musical taste.

There was always something going on. If you weren’t tired, the Jungle 51 stage was something out of this world. You could dance until the wee hours of the morning.

Within all the musical and visual stimulation, there were places to decompress. I felt healed after leaving Okeechobee. After a festival, I usually just feel hungover…


Every single band and DJ were amazing in their own way. Here are my top 5 Electronic Acts:


    • If you have not seen their live set, do yourself a favor and SEE IT. It will transform you, transcend your soul with beautiful tunes and you’ll get prime viewing of the cuties on the stage…



    • Australian duo brought the best sunset vibes at the Aquachobee stage


    • Trippy sounds, beautiful beats. Thank you Jason Hunter for the awesome video!


    • When does Bassnectar ever disappoint? Thank you to Grayson Evans for the video!


    • Chillin’ vibes with stars in the sky…

Wherever you walked, music was playing. Even the Merchandise Tent in ChobeeWobee Village was throwing down:


Walking into the Jungle 51 Stage:

Yogachobee went from zen to WUB when the sun went down:


So thank you Okeechobee. Thank you for healing my soul. Thank you for killing the festival game for your first year. Thank you for giving us attendees something to do at every hour. And THANK YOU for being, transforming souls like mine with chakra healing and creating an extremely diverse lineup for everyone to enjoy. My countdown for next year already began.


Featured photo by Terry Beeman

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