AfterTraxx 002 Slated at Thunder Studios This Saturday


AfterTraxx 002 Slated at Thunder Studios This Saturday

Drawing in some of the best talent in all sounds deep, dark, & minimal, AfterTraxx is quickly becoming a staple in SoCal’s house scene. Fans already know what to expect from this team; the crafters of the first AfterTraxx and the very impressive Camp Trip festival series have constantly brought professional-grade production to intimate settings. Masterful visuals, booming sound, and some of the best producers in the genre have greeted guests of AfterTraxx. Returning artists Mark Lizaola and Mary Droppinz are joined by a fresh fleet of artists. No Request, D. Zeledon, Bobby Lava, and Blk Fleece will curate an evening of sound that fully captures the vibe LA’s of house underground.

Tickets to AfterTraxx 002 this Saturday, December 8th are still available, with GA-tier 1 ending shortly. AfterTraxx will return to its home at Thunder Studios in Long Beach.

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