Afroman Punches Girl For Dancing On Stage With Him


Afroman Punches Girl For Dancing On Stage With Him

A video surfaced today on YouTube of Afroman – the guy who wrote the Grammy-nominated track “Because I Got High” – punching a girl on stage so hard that she gets slammed into the ground and hits the corner of a riser. From the video, all you can see is that the girl seems to dance innocently up close to him until she makes physical contact. At that point he stops strumming his guitar to land a powerful right hook straight into her face. A few different angles are still available online, and you can check them out below.

Today, Afroman apologized on Facebook and made an appearance on TMZ accepting responsibility for his actions. He claims that during the show, he was being heckled by a man on the side of the stage while simultaneously, two other girls were dancing on stage without being invited to do so. He says that he asked these girls to leave, but only saw one of them actually walk away. All of this commotion apparently caused him to become irritated and anxious. As a result, when he felt someone approach him on stage he allegedly assumed it was the heckler. This frustrated him to the point of becoming violent and eventually compelled him to throw the punch. He claims to be checking into anger management as a result of the incident. Honestly, he probably just didn’t have anything to smoke that day.

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