AFROBACK: Some Fresh Sounds From Nick van de Wall


AFROBACK: Some Fresh Sounds From Nick van de Wall

The Dutch DJ Mega Star Afrojack has been hitting us with rather unexciting music of late, sticking to a very commercial sound and collaborating with pop artists, probably with the hope of getting some radio play. I for one had totally written him off as being relevant in the current electronic music scene. However I was startled yesterday to find a whole host of new upcoming material, featured on a brand new SoundCloud account, under his birth name ‘Nick van de Wall‘. It seems Nick has brought new energy to the classic dirty dutch sound, by combining it with current big room trends, and to be honest I am very impressed! Of the total six tracks he has uploaded, all of them make me quite excited in what to expect for Afrojack’s upcoming artist EP. Will these feature? Or is the DJ attempting to retain the Afrojack pseudonym for his more commercial productions, whilst carrying on the dirty dutch sound under his own name? I guess only time will tell! Check out all six of these tracks now, my personal favourite being ‘To The Bass’!

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