Above & Beyond Announces Show In Miami


Above & Beyond Announces Show In Miami

FLORIDIANS, REJOICE! I was casually lurking my daily nighttime Facebook feed when BOOM… A post from Above & Beyond shows up.

I have been having A&B withdrawals ever since I saw them for the first time at Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas. After the Electric Daisy Carnival Orlando lineup came out and I saw that they were not on it, I cried a little bit… Okay a lot. When would I be able to see them again? Please good Lord, Universal Higher Being, whoever is out there, do not make me suffer like this! I would like to contribute the new date and location of this show to my constant manifesting/obsessiveness over the trance gods… Is that weird? At least I feel like I had something to do with it…

The show will take place at STORY Miami on October 23rd. Tickets are $40 and you can purchase them here! Are you guys ready for some major feels? I know I am.

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– Written by Lauren DiTaranto

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