Suken Gives Bastion’s “Another Universe” a Fresh Rework


Suken Gives Bastion’s “Another Universe” a Fresh Rework

French electronic duo Bastion is back at it again, dazzling with the hot new track “Another Universe,” a funky, slick dance tune that has attracted the attention of the talented remixer Suken. By putting his own spin on the track, Suken dials the song down and trades the space-age, disco-esque grandeur of the original for a more nuanced, crystalline synth remix. While retaining the sparkle of Katelyn Tarver’s vocals, Suken gives listeners a refreshing interpretation of an oh-so-groovy and masterful work. Listeners, beware, this song just might take you on an epic, musical journey to the stars and “another universe.”

– Written by Anna Stern

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