5 Reasons Why Zedd’s Tour Openers Are Perfect


5 Reasons Why Zedd’s Tour Openers Are Perfect

Zedd’s most recent album, True Colors, made its rounds towards every music aficionados’ library when it was released in May of this year. When Zedd announced his tour, I could barely contain my excitement. And then when he announced his supporting acts… I just about died. So in honor of these badass headliners, here are the top 5 reasons why Dillon Francis and Alex Metric are the most bomb ass openers.

1. Dillon Francis and Zedd are bros

They have the most perfect bromance ever. And I’m extremely jealous of it. In all seriousness though, seeing that kind of relationship on stage really sets the mood for the show. Seeing that two people have hilarious and awesome chemistry together makes a show that much better.


2. Alex Metric is a DAMN talented producer

I only recently heard of Alex Metric when Zedd announced his tour with him as a headliner. His sound is so funky and deliciously sexy. As his bio explains his music as, “The perfect soundtrack for sweaty, dimly lit lofts and huge festivals all over the world.”

3. Dillon Francis’ Pickle…?

And his hilarious snapchats… Wait it’s not what you think I’m saying, I promise…

Please bring pickle cam to this show…

4. Alex Metric’s Newly Released EP

Alex Metric just released his EP, Ammunition Pt. 4, about a week ago and it has some spicy tracks. My favorite from the list is Always There. The whole EP is so vibe-y, coupled with upbeat melodies and steady drumming beats. I can’t wait to hear this through the big speakers.

5. This Mixtape Is Fire

It speaks for itself. Dillon Francis really pulled his weight with this. He has tracks featuring some of the greatest producers in the dance music industry right now. Skrillex, Kygo, Calvin Harris… All in one album? It has a mixture of so many different sub genres and that is why it works. The album is bursting through the seams with talent and spearheaded by a musical master. Yeah, yes please. My favorite is his track with Chromeo, Lies.

You can still snag some tickets to one of Zedd’s shows in your area HERE.

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Article by Lauren DiTaranto

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