5 Mixes From This Week Worth Listening To (Cough* Thomas Jack, Vices and…)


5 Mixes From This Week Worth Listening To (Cough* Thomas Jack, Vices and…)

I have an eclectic group of sounds coming at you, including: Trap, Future Bass, Tropical/G/Deep house and a whole bunch more in these 5 mixes from the week. The Drop and Tim Gunter’s guest mixes do a great job of featuring up-and-coming talent, and Bender and Vices have been slaying it when it comes to their respective sounds. And then of course we have BBC Radio 1 and Diplo & Friends where we get Amin Edge & Dance, as well as Benzi, who on their own just play whatever they hell they want – you’ll want to be partying right now. Lastly, we have my personal favorite tropical house producer right now, Thomas Jack who is back on Tropical House vol. 005 after having passed along guest mixes along to his homies, Bakermat and Klingande. I know this amount of music is scary, but spread it out over the course of the week, and your ears will thank you. Well go on, enjoy and have a great weekend!

1. Tim Gunter & BroBible present: Summer Mix 2014 Vol. 8 ft. Vices [Free Download]
2. Thomas Jack Presents: Tropical House Vol.5 [Free Download]
3. The Drop 124 | Ft Bender
4. Amine Edge & DANCE @ BBC Radio 1 – Essential Mix 2014.07.11 (Uncensored) [Free Download]
5. BENZI | Get Right Radio (Summer 2014 Edition) [Free Download]

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