5 Artists You Should Catch @ Ultra Music Festival


5 Artists You Should Catch @ Ultra Music Festival

It is finally March aka Ultra Music Festival is finally approaching and coming in hot. The three-day festival includes 50+ artists spanning throughout eight different stages. When looking at schedules, it can be stressful due to conflicting set times.

At this point, you’re left with a decision to make. You can either A) watch half a set or B) pick one or the other. Some might want to explore artists they are unfamiliar with or get lost within the massive festival and happen to stumble upon an artist during their set. But, do not fear, because we got you covered.

Here are some artists we suggest you should catch:

Zhu (live)

With the fresh release of his “Bad and Bougie” remix, Zhu brings a unique sound and stage presence. His eerie synths and mysterious vocals are sure to leave you in a trance. Zhu creates an atmosphere for fans that goes beyond the music – it is an experience. Did I also mention that he’s playing a live set? Nothing is better than a live performance.


Rezz has quickly made a name for herself with her genre clashing, dark and sinister sound. Be prepared to get transported to Mars during her set with her hypnotizing glasses and unique, eerie atmospheric tracks.


If you’re looking for some drum and bass, Netsky is your guy. We’ll be sure to hear tracks from his latest album, 3. His set will surely be composed of clean transitions from old to new school drum and bass to soulful R&B.


The OG, the Jersey Club king himself. His set will have you sway your hips to the sound of rain drops and bed squeaks for hours. If you want a party with some none stop rump shaking, I seriously advise you catch his set.


While currently wrapping up his North America Prophecy Tour, you are in for a treat. Tchami is a pioneer for the Future House genre. This man will take you to church during his set with soulful vocals and infectious house tunes that will keep you moving the whole time. After seeing him 10+ times, I can confidently say that he never disappoints.


You can view all of the artists here.

Remember, GA is sold out, but VIP tickets are still available and can be purchased here!

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